Genuine Oil

Improved performance thanks to reduced friction.

The most important job for the engine oil is to reduce the mechanical friction between fixed and moving engine components. Exceptionally high levels of friction and pressure build up inside the engine compartment, and the combustion process generates extremely high temperatures. Mercedes-Benz genuine oil is optimised with respect to these mechanical and thermal loads, so it has all the key ingredients for extending the life of the engine.

Like a well-oiled machine: from minus 30 to plus 260 degrees.

Our oil ensures that the engine in your Mercedes can operate reliably in any season and in all weather conditions. Here it is essential for the oil to retain its flow characteristics and lubricating properties so that it can reach and protect the engine effectively from the moment you start the vehicle. The oil must not become too viscous or hard in cold weather, while evaporation loss must be minimised when the temperature outside soars. Mercedes-Benz genuine oil meets these requirements without any problems whatsoever and allows perfect lubricating properties from minus 30 to plus 260 degrees Celsius.

Longer usability.

Many factors influence the quality of engine oil. High temperatures, combustion residues, dirt particles caused by abrasion and other factors lead to premature ageing of the oil, for example. It is precisely these factors that are minimised in Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil – thanks to the use of high-quality base oils, for example, or a high proportion of additives that help neutralise acids and prevent changes caused by water or oxygen to keep the engine cleaner. With Mercedes-Benz genuine oil you’re therefore not only opting for the lubricant that is perfect for your vehicle but also for the one with a special kind of staying power.

Lower fuel consumption.

Using the right engine oil can save on fuel. Mercedes-Benz genuine oil reduces friction and, consequently, optimises fuel consumption. This means you can make better use of your engine’s potential in almost any driving conditions. But that’s not all. Working in unison with the sophisticated exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, the oil also helps to lower emissions of environmental toxins compared with standard oils.

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