what3words – three words will navigate you into the future.

Added: 12 June 2019

what3words – three words will navigate you into the future..

Mobility with what3words is as easy as this: you get into your vehicle, say a combination of words – and will be navigated to the desired destination with greater precision than by means of any street address or GPS-coordinate.
A square-shaped globe.

How big is the world?

As big as 57 billion squares of 3×3 metres each. What at first sounds as if it were simply inconceivable for a person’s imagination, is actually relentlessly precise – and rests on the square-shaped globe conceived by what3words. The concept behind the company under CEO Chris Sheldrick is the following: each of the squares is given its own name consisting of a combination of three words from the dictionary. The result is a software-based global address system which is just as precise, but much easier to grasp than any street address or global positioning system. And above all, it is much easier to handle. “We humans are used to thinking in words rather than in numbers“, says Sheldrick, the co-founder of what3words. The entire secret of the company’s success – which now serves more than 600 businesses in 170 countries – is based on this simple realisation.

"We have found a way to make the whole world accessible by means of three words only." Chris Sheldrick, CEO of what3words 

Chris Sheldrick, who was one of the co-founders of what3words, is now CEO of the company which serves more than 600 businesses worldwide.

Three words – one location.
The advantage of a semantic address systems is obvious. Or isn’t it easier to remember a word combination, such as „tisch.stuhl.löffel“, rather than a multi-digit coordinate? It is! And in this way it also becomes easier and faster to pass on a location – without ambiguities. “Using this method, we can even give people accurate access to places which until then may not even had an address“, emphasizes Sheldrick. “We have found a way to make the whole world accessible by means of three words only.“ For “tisch.stuhl.löffel“ may stand for a square of 3×3 metres somewhere in the South American jungle or right in the middle of a large city. There is no connection between the combination of words and the corresponding location. Locations are assigned randomly by algorithm, says Sheldrick.

Did You Know?..

From 2018 onwards, Mercedes-Benz is the first company to integrate what3words into its inbuilt navigation systems. Drivers with compatible models can now say or type in a 3 word address to get directions to a precise 3m x 3m location, anywhere in the world.

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