New 7.5-tonne FUSO Canter floats TPA’s boat

Added: 17 July 2019

New 7.5-tonne FUSO #Canter floats TPA’s boat ????

Temporary access solutions provider TPA is achieving faster, safer, and more efficient deliveries of its specialised pontoon systems after replacing a combination of spot-hired and subcontracted vehicles with its first FUSO Canter.

TPA’s new 7.5-tonner with crane was supplied by Mertrux - Mercedes-Benz, which, like other FUSO Canter Dealers in Britain, is also a member of the franchised Mercedes-Benz Trucks network.

“We were using 3.5-tonne van-based vehicles for smaller deliveries, or calling in subcontractors for anything larger,” explained Operations Manager Neil Crosby. “However, to cope with growing demand for our pontoon equipment, and to ensure that we have more control over our deliveries, we decided it was time to invest in our own truck.”

TPA required a vehicle compact and manoeuvrable enough to get in and out of sites with restricted access. It would be fitted with a crane to facilitate safe, speedy loading and unloading, and a platform body capable of carrying as many pontoon modules as possible.

“It quickly became apparent that the Canter was going to be the best tool for the job,” Mr Crosby continued. “It offered exactly the set of attributes we were looking for.”

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